When I sat down to write my first blog post, just over 4 years ago, I had no idea that I would come to depend on these moments with a keyboard to clear my head. That I would physically crave time to write. That it would make me sad when I didn't do it.

It has been too long that I have neglected this little bit of self care. This little bit of sharing me, that forces me to look at me, my world, My God...all a little differently.

In the many months since my sweet Zoe's birth, I have been through, what feels like, 3 lifetimes of changes. Most of them good, but no without their toll.

I have been battered in the process of this change, not just me either, but my family as well. Through it all, though, our constant has been our creator.

I have felt and seen His love and provision in so many ways. Just today, I was feeling a little down and He sends a little bright spot that I know is just a reminder that I am not unseen.

It astonishes me sometimes, that even after Eden. After decades of God pouring out His love on me, I still catch myself wondering if He sees me. More amazing, that He knows I wonder and that there is no chastisement in it. That He takes the time to show me, in the simplest ways, that I am seen.

How do I deserve to be so blessed?