The tree is up and stockings are spread all over the house. The air is cold and there are chocolate countdown calendars all over my house... It's Christmas time.

With Christmas comes my favorite, favorite, favorite Christmas cd. The Child of The Promise. Way back in late October of 2000 one of my good friends and I ended up with a last minute opportunity to go see The Child of The Promise performed live. A cross between a musical and mini concert, we were thrilled. I remember heading to our last minute seats, shocked that we somehow ended up eighth row center. I had my brand new baby in her sling and was still not quite myself from her recent birth.

When we settled in we had no idea that this would become the soundtrack to every Christmas following.

We sat for a few hours lost in the musical retelling of the events leading to the birth of Jesus and some of the prophesies fulfilled in his first few years. I wept and smiled and fell in love with the my Jesus all over again.

There were plans to tour each year, and my friend and I were anxiously awaiting ticket sales for the October 2011 date, when terrorists flew their planes into buildings and changed everything. The show decided to cancel and, for whatever reason, lost momentum, and that was it.

One season and one very well loved CD.

Every year there is something new that moves me...the tender loving moments between Joseph and Mary just before the birth of baby Jesus, the unwavering faith of Mary as she lays down her plans to go where ever the Lord leads her...but one song always tugs at my heart. One song is hard to sing through...Elizabeth, singing about the dream she held for her baby. The dream God kept alive. The dream God made reality.

I sang that same song when I finally was pregnant with my third baby, a son, named John...after waiting so long.

I sang that song when I held Zoe in my arms in front of last year's tree.

I sing that song for so many unspoken dreams.

I sing that song because I *know* my God sings over me. That He loves me. That He has plans for my dreams.

"Isn't it just like the Lord to
invite me
To put all my dreams in His hands
Forever releasing the grip that once
held them
Forever surrendering my plans"

So how about you? What are your dreams?