I am so exhausted that the idea of anything coherent coming through in this post is laughable, yet I still want to try and capture what is swirling around in my heart and mind.

I just tucked my sweet Zoe into bed for the 3rd time tonight...seems 3 days of festivities celebrating her first birthday is just a bit too much for her.

I was holding her, alone in my dark living room, listening to the rain and I could barely believe that this amazing little person was mine. That this entire year has passed much too quickly. That I was almost surprised it wasn't over.

Is that weird? That every morning, when Zoe is still here, feels like a new and precious gift? And that every bedtime is a treasured remembrance of the day?

So I was holding my sweet baby, looking into her face, and I just needed to write it down.

I am so blessed to live my life. With all the struggles. All the stresses. The busyness and the cranky attitudes we sometimes throw around, I am so incredibly blessed.

I am honored, everyday, that God has entrusted these amazing people to me to raise. That He loves me so much that He lets me be a part of the plan for their lives.

Even with was an honor.

I am blessed.

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