This past weekend was a group training run with Team World Vision. I was tired and it was very cold for this Southern California Girl...but I was feeling pretty good about things. I felt ready.

I stretched with our group, I started to warm up. I was inspired by the combined energy of 20 or so people united in this common cause to bring clean water to children in Africa and to eradicate the water crisis in my lifetime.

The course was a little different than I'd run before but I was excited to get out and push for those 50 minutes...maybe someday I *wouldn't* hate running.

Stacee and I started at a nice jog...up hill.

I'm not sure if it was the cold, my stuffy nose, the hill, or what but I soon found myself lagging behind on that uphill run. When we hit the straight away I evened out a bit and then, I just couldn't keep up anymore. I couldn't push. I lost Stacee and ended up totally solo. My lungs hurt and my Nike Run app was reminding me that I was a full minute behind my normal pace. Suddenly it just seemed too hard. I wanted to sit down in the middle of  the path and just cry.

Saturday was the day I looked at the Half Marathon and thought that maybe I really can't do this. That I failed, and would fail. That I would have to contact my supporters and tell them I couldn't actually run.

Maybe I could help my team fundraise.

I almost started crying on the path. The crazy non-runner...all by herself...lost from the pack because the path veers and I didn't get what they said and missed the sign to turn...almost had a break down right there.

Still I had to get back to the car, to get home, and quit. And the car was so I turned around and started running back.

Running, feeling like a failure, and still running.

Somewhere between get lost and the parking lot God met me in my failure. He reminded me that I wasn't running for *me*. That it wasn't just some crazy idea...but HIS crazy idea, that HE would strengthen and sustain me.

It was still really hard...and my body still wanted to give up. I'm still going to want to give up when my alarm goes off...but i will get up, and I will lace up my shoes, and I will ask God to meet me, mold me, teach me and use me while I am pushing my body beyond what *I* think it can do.

Please continue to pray with me; for the villages where clean water is so desperately needed, for my physically (and emotionally) to endure and be transformed...and most importantly for my fundraising efforts. Also, please consider joining with me to change lives by donating :)
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this post.

This is an actual water container that a little girl in The Congo started carrying 6 miles, 3 times a day, when she was just 5 years old. I could barely lift it and it wasn't even full. Partner with me and let's change lives and communities. #runningforwater

What you couldn't see in just a quick snapshot was that I was nearly in tears hearing the Leader from World Vision talk about his sponsored child carrying that very container, thinking about how my youngest son is a vibrant robust 8 year old who sometimes has a hard time carrying a milk jug. The idea of him being THREE years into his water fetching responsibilities broke my heart.

I knew when I, a dyed in the wool NON-Runner, signed up to run the LA Half Marathon with Team World Vision, that it would challenge and change me, but I had no idea how much.

I am so hopeful that you will want to join with me in this crazy and world changing endeavor. You might not be able to physically run with me on March 9th, but you can join me in prayer as World Vision aims to eradicate the water crisis in Africa in *my lifetime*...or, you can partner with me financially. I am only 7% to my goal but I know we can do this together!