Last night I had some very much needed me time. Nothing exceptional, but I dropped the kids off with Steven for a couple of hours and spent some time listing to the soundtrack of Miss Saigon.

I came home intending to blog for all my three readers, but was so caught up in the music I couldn't concentrate to write. Every sentence started out deep and thoughtful and trailed off in to music about a brokenhearted girl in Vietnam.

I had more than a few moments of fond memories, playing this CD in my car through my final months of highschool after my good friend played it for me while we discussed our mutual gradeschool crushes on Chad Allen and how we had both entered the Teen Beat contest to win a bracelet he had made... Memories of my sweet husband, who hates musicals, getting all of our friends and family to contribute to two tickets in the very last row of the Ahmanson theater so that I could finally see the show I had so loved from the first note.

I smiled at how, after having been put away for several years, every note and word were as fresh as in those first few weeks.

It felt really good to have just let go of the trials of the last few days and just be silly and light.
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3 Responses
  1. Denise Says:

    i was about to come on here and complain that you hadn't posted in a while... but then i came here and i was *shocked* to see a new post...

    i love musicals... and i was thinking... since you didn't get to see Wicked we should plan a trip, us girls, to go see it. Maybe in May? There's a rumor going around that May is the last month of it's engagement at the Pantages... i think it would be fun... (:

    I could make you a copy of the soundtrack if you'd like (:

  2. Cassi Says:

    I know I'm not one of THE girls.. but if you guys go to Pantages to see ANYTHING .. I WANT TO GO!!!

  3. Krista Says:

    Silly and light is good. You deserve it, my friend.

    Now, I'm going to find Miss Saigon on my iPod and listen to it. ;)