I'm sad today. Not in because I'm bummed out, not because I look fat, nothing like that... I am just deeply and terribly sad.

I wish I could explain why. I wish there were even words. It's not about the baby...

I am grieving and mourning something that hasn't even passed yet. I am standing at the edge of the cliff and I can't keep the little kids from running over.

Only God can fix this...
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  1. Martha Says:
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  2. Martha Says:


    I'm sorry to read that today was a hard day. I wish I could help. But may I just remind you that, you are a beautiful and amazing person.


  3. Nicky Says:

    Okay, I know exactly what you are referencing with the "kids running off the cliff" comment, but it's a little scary to someone who may NOT know what you are talking about! LOL But after this weekend that just passed, I hope the tears have subsided and the righteous anger has come in their place! Rise up!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i totally didn't notice this blog:/ i'm like days late.

    But I love you... and I think we got the 'crying' part covered this weekend.