This last week my husband attended a men's bible study that he really enjoyed and found to be very blunt, honest, and revealing. He really enjoyed the time and was relating some of the material to me...there was a big emphasis on certain specific life choices that are very applicable to us and our family. My husband was very grateful that our choices were in line with the speaker and wondered to me how that might have effected the men for whom that wasn't the case.

As we talked my heart kind of sank as I thought of these really remarkable and godly men. I wondered "Would this really be something they would change?" It wasn't something obvious like an addiction to pornography but something more subtle, easily justified in today's society.

This led me to wonder about something else...Do people really come to church every week ready to hear a message that will make them dramatically change how they live? Ready to be challenged a little more each week? Not just encouraged in closer communion with God, but to really go beyond the status quo if their status quo might not measure up?

I don't think I always did. I hope I do now, but I really don't think I always did before. I wanted to "be a good Christian" and I wanted to be "touched by God" but did I expect radical change every.single.week? No...

Even as I type this, I wonder, am I prepared for that now?

I want to be. I want to welcome it and understand that anything God asks he will not only equip and provide for me...but it will be for His ultimate glory and my ultimate good.
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  1. Nicky Says:

    Why do you always have to be so profound? Can't you just post the results of some stupid "what kind of superhero are you" quiz or something? LOL ;o)

  2. I agree with Nicky... Your profundity amazes me!