I have been reminded a lot lately about the function of Church in my life and the lives of Christians everywhere.

Why do we wake up early every Sunday morning or gather at midweek services? Why forgo a lazy cup of coffee and the funnies? What is the point if not to be challenged and changed?

But what do we do when the worship is full of old dusty hymns that don't particularly resonate, or a rambly preacher with a few too many stories from overseas? Then do we just sit and mark the time until we can sit and have a yummy lunch with family or friends?


We have a responsibility to seek God's voice. To hear the words that He is whispering even in the midst of what seems tired or less than profound.

Relationship is not just about getting. It's about giving as well. I have been more able to hear God speak the closer I draw to him. The more I yearn to hear Him the louder His voice becomes.

So when the songs are old and the speaker is "off" then I am grateful that God is still God, and He is still profound. His love is still amazing. And He still speaks directly to me.
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