Yesterday started like any other day, except it wasn't. Yesterday was my dear baby girls 8th birthday so the day started with a bit of magic to it.

There were no big parties or giant plans, just a plan to enjoy our family and celebrate the gift of this little girl turning young lady.

And it couldn't have started any better than the email I received from one of her church teachers...

"I know that you know your little girl more than anyone else but I just have to say that she is special! She has a heart for the Lord. There's more going on here than just a 'smart little girl'."

I always wonder with this one, she has a certain maturity to her that I fear leaves her a little more open to becoming jaded towards the things of God. I can see her storing hurts and disappointments in her heart that could prevent deep roots from forming. She was who I worried about most when God did not heal her baby sister. I feared she would be angry and not understand God's denial of our plea for healing.

I am a grown-up and it's still sometimes hard for me.

I have seen though, in this past year, she has turned her tender heart more towards Him. She has, in her way, sought more of Him.

When she prays she expects God to move mountains, and my faith increases as hers grows.

Even in the ER waiting on the doctor to come and seal the small gash in her forehead, she told me after we prayed, that she could feel God holding her hand.

This must be what they mean by childlike faith.
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  1. Iloveaussies Says:

    she is a very mature 8 year old and she does have a heart for the lord. It is quite amazing to see that in a child so young