At the end of a long, yet nice day, I really enjoy sitting at my desk and clearing my mind, waiting for God to speak while I blog. I love the ritual of it. My life doesn't have a lot of ritual, but this is one of my favorites...

So now here I am and it's hard to connect to it as I lay on my couch with my laptop. It's just not the same. But, change can be good even if you never learn to like it so I am going to dive in again today and wait for God to meet me again.

Sometimes I feel like refinement just hurts, or can't God give it a rest already, and then days like today happen. I look at days like today in comparison to where my heart was only a month ago and I can actually see Him changing me. I can myself reflecting more of who He wants me to be and I beam. Like a child who see's the mark on a growth chart that is just a bit above where it once was.

Where I had a chance to be hurt I chose to hurt for someone else and to continue to see my value to God. Where I stand a little straighter and the pride is not human but in knowing my inherent value, even if God and I are the only ones who see's an amazing place to be.

I have spent so many years second guessing and wondering if I had any value, constantly pricked and bleeding when I was told of it was hinted that my value was to finally see evidence of myself standing in tis place was wonderful.
2 Responses
  1. Miss Candice Says:

    You are SO very valuable :)

  2. Cassi Says:

    I love Jack's computer desk...

    This was a hard lesson for me to learn as well ... for me it sounded like "you are not worthy" ... not worthy enough for my dad to stop drinking and prolonging his life, consequently not worthy of any man really loving me... such an amazing feeling realizing just how much I really am loved.... by THE man!

    So happy for you that you are coming to see the same truth!!