Recently I posted about Ebates on Myspace :

"It's basically just a portal for online retailers like amazon, target, barnes and nobel...pretty much anyplace I might shop online...So the deal is that I get cash back when I do my regular shopping...I like cash back.It makes me happy :)I also get referral bonuses if my friends and family sign-up and shop ...Also, you get a 10 gift card when you sign up... you chose between amazon, sephora, target and some others.So check it out and see if your interested."

With things tightening up with the economy and my family being a one income family I have really been interested in how to make every penny stretch. I don't need a lot of stuff, God provides quite nicely, but it's always nice to have some wiggle room too. God is being very generous in showing me these too and I really enjoy showing them to others too!

Someone teased me after I posted about Ebates that I was just in it to get my referals, and while I don't deny that referals rock, I want to share the wealth too!

I also just found out about Swagbucks...which is a way to earn giftcards just for websearches.

I have my own special referal link to both swagbucks and ebates in my sidebar, check them out and sign-up if you are interested.

Also watch my twitter on the sidebar for fun freebies as I find them.
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