With my husband home for a few weeks, Christmas revelry, and a wicked cold I never took the time to welcome in the New Year in blog fashion.

I have looked over the blogs of friends and friends of friends. I have read and been encouraged by their hopes and plans for personal changes in 2009. I have looked back, also, at this last year and where I have traveled with God, my friends, my family and myself.

Truth is I wasn't insanely pleased with how my year closed out. There was a lot of blessing and joy, but the end was just...not. I had to look and reflect on where I stumbled as well as what I had no control over.

Looking at the parts where I fell, or wallowed, was not easy and still leaves kind of a bitter taste in my mouth, but makes me even more grateful to a forgiving and merciful God who takes the confession and washes the ugly away.

I have never really been a Resolution type, mostly because the first of January never feels much like a new start. I have lived on an academic calender for my entire life, no the time of great goal setting and personal changes tends to happen for me in late August.

But today, flipping through a magazine and reflecting on the apparent crossroad set before me, I was suddenly inspired to make my list.

I am not going to vow to loose the last 40 lbs, or to be a better person, or to read my bible more... Not because these aren't worthy goals. Not because they aren't good things that should be done, that I hope to do.

This year I am going to put just one thing on my list... I am going to allow God to show me something huge. Something so far beyond my reach and imagination it would be fully impossible without Him... and I'm going to allow Him to move and make it happen.

Hows that for a list?