I am not one of those amazing homeschooling moms you might see on TV. I don't have a dedicated classroom and special study spots for my kids. There are no maps hanging on our walls and no one writes in a daily journal. These are all things I always think we'll do. Things I excitedly plan into the year...and they never make it.

I also don't take my kids to the library several times a week.

I don't really even know how to properly utilize Library Day since all that happens is my Oldest gets a million Star Wars books, the middle gets books on 50 different subjects that end up all over the house, and my pre-reader just sits at the library computer with headphones on and tries to yell his "whispers" to anyone nearby.

In fact, I can't even remember to turn my books in on time.

All these things make me very grateful one of my closest friends works at the library. Now I can borrow a few books and she's usually on top of my account, helping me get things in before accruing major fines.

Now when I hear about an interesting book I usually can borrow it and enjoy it knowing I have help getting it turned in. That is, until the move.

I was reading a great book in the final weeks of my pregnancy and carting it with me everywhere so I could grab any spare minute to read. I even packed it for the hospital when the baby was born...or I think I did.

It wasn't long after we moved that I realized it was lost. I was pretty bummed that I'd have to buy a new one, but knew it had never been unpacked so really was gone.

Until earlier this week when I mentioned it to my friend and she told me it had been returned to the library! Some stranger had found my book, somewhere, and returned it for me.

Such a little thing but it made me smile all the same. Someone went out of their way to help me out, or to help the library, who knows? But they did..and it blessed me.
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