Sometimes I take a second, look around at my life, past the sticky fingerprints, sink full of dishes, and toys that litter the living room floor like so many tiny landmines and marvel at who I am, and where I've ended up.

I never imagined this life, twenty years ago when I was getting to know my best friend outside of a coffee bar, when I married him, or even headed down the road in our little red car on the way to deliver our first child.

I couldn't see the nights we stayed up way to late just talking, the 19 unit college semesters my husband slaved to get to the career God was calling him too, the first smiles of each of our children, the pain of saying goodbye to one of them, the absolute bliss of holding our miracle. I never imagined the struggles would be as hard and that they would lead to the sweetest places.

I look back at those kids walking down the aisle and I laugh at how little they knew about the road they would take.

This is not the life I imagined.

It is soooo much more.

I never knew the mundane things that would define me, would be things I would treasure.

I guess, once again, God is reminding me that His plans so much further exceed my imaginations.
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