Ok, tonight is a little hard. I don't typically like to blog when I am feeling down in the dumps. I don't like to put that stuff out there... usually I go back and wince at the emotion of it all.

But it's only day three so I can't back off now.

I can't find two books I know I had in January. They are for the next two bible studies at church and I can't find them anywhere.

What is normally frustrating is pushing me towards tears tonight. Gah!

And it hurts me a little to be so vulnerable all. the.time.

I know some of this is hormonal and that in a few days I'll be feeling much better but it's more than a little uncomfortable to be in this place.

So that's it. Nothing profound. Nothing earth shattering. Nothing that will minister to you or even me. Just a big fat whine.

I'm going to have a cup of coffee and a good cry I think.

And if you see my books wandering around town, sad...homeless...neglected...tell them I miss them and will they please come home.


I just almost deleted this whole thing because I did think of something a little better to write about...but it just refuses to come out so I'm gonna stick with more honest and less interesting.
3 Responses
  1. staceelianna Says:

    awww =[ i heart your vulnerability because that is what i lack. and i <3 you very much!

  2. Nicky Says:

    Does it have to be brie? LOL

  3. Cassi Says:

    honesty is always interesting - did you find your books???