Tonight? I'm going to talk about my husband...

This summer will mark my 15th wedding anniversary. 15 years is just under half of my life and well over half of what I remember or feel like matters in my life. So, in some respects it's hard to imagine my life before he was a part of it.

Being married isn't always the easiest thing in the world. There is an awful lot of sacrifice that goes into making a partnership of this magnitude. I mean, who wakes up everyday and looks forward to making sure someone else has clean underwear? And there are plenty of times you just have to "take one for the team" like today when I desperately wanted a nap but knew all the work my husband had to do and the kids needed tending.

The other side of those sacrifices is something I'm not even sure I can put into words. It's being loved for every unique and quirky thing you do and are. It's having a very best friend you can turn to or lean on any time and in any circumstance.

This last year has been incredibly painful in so many ways and through it we have grown closer than I ever could have imagined. I have felt love that is so close to the perfect love of Jesus that I almost cry to type it out. I have wept agonizing tears and held Him as he did the same... and with each moment I have fallen ever deeper in love with his Man of God.

In the midst of all of it I think we have laughed more and laughed harder than ever before. The flipside of so much hurt has created so much joy.

I am planning a trip out of town that I am looking forward too but that he won't be able to join me on... and I know I will have so much incredible fun, but my stomach sort of drops when I think about being apart that long.

So there ya go... nothing amazing. Just a big sappy declaration of love
2 Responses
  1. Cassi Says:

    I get it... am so tired and only want to go to bed ... but he just told me that he is out of shirts for work... so at 10pm I am doing laundry... but it's ok - he wants to go to bed but instead just left to go pick up Chris in Lomita...

  2. Terri Says:

    I LOVE my husband. I know exactly what you mean too Alexis. Even tho I don't have to clean his clothes, he does make me do things at times that I would rather not do. But He too is soooo worth it!!! And what He gives me back can never be compared to the little I do for Him.