I have stopped myself about five different times today and thought, "That would be great for my blog," but then something new happens anp *poof* that idea is gone.

I guess I could explain my little banner up top?

One personal challenge just wasn't enough for me this month. Classic over achiever that I am, or I should say wannabe over achiever, big plans that don't always make it.

So I added a second challenge for myself. Or a second idea still evolving I suppose. I want my blog to have more me in it. And I realize how silly that sounds, it's a blog I write, about my much more me does it need? I wanted to put some more color. A different glimpse of who I am...and so now you have the banners.

I am not sure they will always be pictures from the day, but they are pictures I have taken and cropped into these little banners. they all tell a story. I might not always tell the whole thing, but know that each picture is solidly matched to the day.

Today's banner shows what I purchased at CVS and Walgreens. I have been hanging out on some blogs of some amazing women who know how to put a deal together. Who scan sale adds and coupons and find ways to save thousands of dollars a year.

And I have to say, it's thrilling to know that you are saving money and stocking your household goods.

I was raised in a house that had plenty. I guess we were either solidly middle-class, or possibly slightly upper middle-class. We always had nice things, my dad always had a new car and cars always outnumbered drivers. I never saw my parents struggle with a monthly budget, or even appear to have one. I never saw them save for a minor purchase. If they wanted or needed it, they bought it. They worked really hard and lots of long hours to get there, but Sunday cupons were never anything more than the pages between the comics.

I always sensed my dad even had a slight dislike for coupons. Like they would be beneath him. To the point that he didn't even like to use the old school gift certificates. Remeber the paper ones?

So here I am, a grown-up in my own right, with my own family, and my own bills. Money and budgets operate much differently in my house. There is only one income to start. We choose to have a few less extras in order to have me here with the kids. There are a few more of those too. I was one of one. This house is filled with the squeals of three...and we still can't say there won't be more.

I have come to not just use the coupons but to love them. To find delight in stretching our budget by watching the adds and making the coupon matches. It's not only rewarding, but it's a heck of a lot of fun.

So up in that banner there is what I bought to day for, essentially, free.

I matched some coupons, used a rebate, and earned store credit, and spent some credit.

Good times.
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