I read a lot of blogs every day. Funny, poignant, random. Some are chronicles of the day to day living, some are a plea to God. Most are about finding a good deal...but everyone carries a bit of the author.

I never thought I'd be a blogger. I never imagined I'd have much to say. Yet here I am, nearly a year and a half after I sat in front of my monitor and poured my very soul out onto the keyboard and hit "publish post".

My blogs have been instrumental in shaping who I am today. Not in that they have been imbued with some great power from God, but that as I pour out my words and more of me I am forced to see myself. It has been a giant mirror on parts of my soul I have too long been able to hide.

I have had to deal with ugliness in my own heart, lest it spill onto the page. I have swelled with love so overflowing I couldn't help but share... I have struggled and been blessed.

My great hope, in all the world is that someday, just living my life in an honest and vulnerable way I will impact the kingdom of God. That someone will see something honest in me that helps them see that God is busy at work in even the least of these.

As I plunge headfirst into two new biblestudies I hope that I am stretched, challenged, and changed...and that even my very blog reflects it.

Please Jesus, just let me be used.
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  1. Steven Says:

    I've loved all of these (I wish I wrote as well as you!), but I really like this one... it distills the point of writing succinctly and it's something any good teacher knows how to teach their students: that you don't really learn anything until you stop and reflect on what you learned and turn it into analysis by seeing patterns and cause and effect. You say it more beautifully here.

    And I love the pictures everyday. They're like the Song-of-the-Day only better. They're easter eggs. Perhaps I enjoy them more because I have insider knowledge and recognize what they are, but the choice of your eyes here (gosh, you're pretty) is perfect for the subject of this blog and the henna tattoo and it's significance didn't escape me either.

    As always, I find you amazing and I'm so grateful to God that YOU see it too.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's addition...

  2. Iloveaussies Says:

    I know what u r saying about blogging. When I seriously blog I see sometimes how horrible of a person I can be.
    and I can say that by living your life u have impacted the kingdom of God because I have been impacted

  3. zehrabeth Says:

    I miss you Alexis!
    And your whole family...
    I loved Phoebe's text yesterday. <3

    I wish it was Wednesday and I was back home so I could come hang out.
    Miss you!!!