So, I have finally figured out how to get my laptop to limp along. After all the computer chaos and then the missed day I feel like I need to start all over. Not because I failed at my goal, but I really lost momentum.

Yesterday I had every intention of writing but I got sidetracked by a "quick" conversation with a friend that lasted until just after midnight. It was the best kind of distraction. It wasn't just a visit and there were no tears, but it was a conversation where two friends got a chance to really share their lives with one and other.

I am so grateful for all of the amazing women, and "girls" in my life. Friends that I not only get a chance to speak into their lives but have them speak into mine. Forming the deep sisterly bonds that girlfriends can.

When my physical me needs a reminder of God's deep love for me it is always through relationships that He is revealed.

The excitement of the new ones and the older, broken in ones that feel like those most comfortable jeans.

So while it threw off my grove, and I lost a day in blogtober... I was so grateful for the conversation.
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