Today was one of those special days when I look at my kids and realize that they are better human beings than I could ever have hopped to be.

My son was sitting at the kitchen table drawing endless super heroes and, while asking which one is my favorite I preferred. Soon we stumbled onto the idea of Halloween and ideal costumes. Now let me just say that I love a good costume and I grew up with some amazing ones, and the costumes now are even better!

So here we are, and my sweet boy is telling me about the different variations of clones and that he still wishes he could be a bad guy but that he gets it...and I have to drop a bomb that I just want to...a bomb that broke my heart.

"Sweetie I just don't know if we can really afford that one. And didn't you kinda have an Anakin costume last year?"

And my amazing little guy thinks for a few minutes and says "Yeah, I really like that one. I guess it would be cool if I just wore it again" and then switches into how we can accomplish a suitable costume for his little brother, offering up one of his favorite shirts and rushing to try it on his brother.

I was just so pleased that he was able to look past his slight disappointment to find utter joy in making his brother happy.

I know I wouldn't have done that when I was 10.
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2 Responses
  1. Hattie Says:

    What a great kid!

  2. Miss Candice Says:

    Aww... that is so sweet :)

    I love your kids.