This morning, out running errands with my kids and realizing that my oldest is now in the largest "boy" size pants. That the next time he rips a hole , or two, in his pants knee, we'll not head to the cheapie kids section but will have to contend with a greater array of style and price

While being grateful that the struggle with my daughter and swimwear is her beautiful standards of modesty that are hard to find in even a child's suit.

This morning as I remarked at how much they had grown and how quickly they change, I was also insanely frustrated by bickering and whining. So frustrated that I drew from my deep well of parenting skills and turned the car radio up loud enough to drown them out.

It was a very sweet relief and I did shortly hear them all quiet down and my daughter started to sing along.

The music filling the car allowed my mind to wander and I began to reflect on the many roads I have been down these last few years. As the music changed to a "getting over you" break up song I giggled as it made me reflect, not on lost loves, but of friendships that have changed or ended. I laughed that good "couple" songs can often fit the special bonds girlfriends develop.

I tried to imagine my husband and one of his friends getting sappy over a song. If you have never met my husband, let me tell you, the image is beyond laughable.

But as I sat there with the music and all my thoughts I was reminded, again, that that intense love and bonding thing we women do, is a very large part of the image of God. The relational part of Him that just wants me to sit with Him and some tea and visit.

He's not always out for my confession or needs, He just wants to know me. to share in my everyday. To sit at my table while I do dishes and reflect on His love and the beauty in the citrus tree outside my window. To feed my hopes and dreams and wild desires. To hold me up on a rough day.

I was honored once again to be able to have the tiniest glimpse on earth of what that perfect relationship will be like in eternity.

I marveled at the amazingness of God to just hang out with me in my car, running errands with cranky kids and my crabby mom self.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hmm trying to think what mine and stevens song would be,
    i know one thing though, we will always be sappy over the lorenzos oil trailer