Today was a good day to be crafty. (And yes, I do realize that I am technically not osting on the right day, but being off by a few minutes still counts.)

I'll spare you all the terrific details but lots of exciting things were scored for free today that got my creative juices flowing. As I flipped through my loot with a friend she gave me the push I have so often heard myself give... "Ok, I want you to stop talking about these things and do them, though."

Like a punch in the gut.

I seem to forever be an idea girl and rarely a launch girl. I think that is why I love working with a partner or team. It's all to easy to put my own stuff a step behind.

That can't be me being the woman that God wants me to be, can it? To ignore all these things I am so passionate about.

So I am going to try to take a small step each day towards doing.

It's like a New Month resolution. :)
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  1. staceelianna Says:

    thats a good new month resolution. :D ill help/watch you be crafty and productive. LOL