I haven't been tagged in a blog in ages...I almost missed it when my friend Denise tagged me on hers. I was reading along and sort of skimmerd her tagged people and noticed a familiar name.

So here goes, 10 honest things about me:

1. I have been married to my husband for nearly half of my life. We met when I was just 17 and were married when I was just 18. Everyone thought we were crazy...truthfully I think we knew we were crazy. We also knew that this was where God was leading us and that it was 100% His plan.

2. On the same subject, there were only a handful of people who expressed a genuine concern for us and seriously questioned our motives and commitment. Those people all were acting out of a real concern for us, and even then, I cherished it. The people who were questioning us helped us clarify and know this was God's plan. I also know those people prayed for us and will reap benefits for all of their commitment to us.

3. I will be 35 years old in just over a month and the idea that I could be 35 is thoroughly amusing to me. I just always thought of 35 as a "real grown-up" and still don't see myself as that age, but I embrace it fully. Every time I catch a few of my grey hairs in the mirror I smile because they mean something to me. I feel like getting older is a gift given from God.

4. One of my big regrets is that I stopped singing. I am, by no means, a "singer" but I can hold a tune decently and I really, really love it. I had one person say something that wasn't even that critical, it was actually meant to be sweet, and I let that just burrow in and make me think I should stop. Even worse than being unfair to myself, it was unfair to the person who said it, to put that on them.

5. I also love to act. As a grown-up who didn't choose that as a career I never find a place to do it. I plan on changing that soon.

6. Every time I watch a national cooking championship or a detailed cooking show I convince myself I could do the same or better. I have aspirations to enter a cooking championship someday.

7. While everyone who knows me knows I love Jesus, very few people know how much I actually love church. I love to study and find out more about the person of Christ, but just as deeply I love being in the physical building of my church. It's not fancy, it's just home. It's deeply tied to who I am and when things feel "off" there, every part of me hurts because it is my family and my home.

8. I'm a firebug. Well, not really but I LOVE fire. I love to light candles and I love to watch a fireplace crackle. There is something almost hypnotic about it and I start to feel peaceful when the flames are flickering.

9. I don't know my right from my left. I just have a mental block on it. About 6 years ago someone taught me the trick where your pointer finger and thumb make an "L" on your left hand and it made my day because it made figuring it all out so much quicker. It's also so much easier to fake knowledge now.

10. I am terrified of open water, yet I love water! I even start to feel like I can't breathe watching movies with open water in them. I have always been kind of freaked out being in the ocean, but it is still worth it enough to swim in it.

So there ya go, 10 honest things.

I am supposed to tag some more people but can't think of anyone to if you are reading this...consider yourself tagged.
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  1. Iloveaussies Says:

    that is really crazy to think that u have been married for half your life. haha