Today was one of those days when I had soooo many good intentions.

I was going to do so many wonderful things while my older three kids were at one of their two days a week at school. It would be just me ant the baby so I'd have all kinds of time, right?

When will I ever learn?

It started well, I got the kids dropped off before the rain showed up, stopped at the grocery store for the few things I needed for dinner. Look at me, dinner already figured out at 9am. I was on a roll!

Get home and it was just a sprinkle so no mad dashes...only to realize that we forgot to close the door on our way out. How does an entire family forget to close the door? Horray for no hard rains and living set back of the main road!

So I started some laundry, but then I needed to change the I got sidetracked. Then she was hungry...and my mom called. So I fed the baby while talking to my mom. Just as our conversation was wrapping up my awfully determined baby...ok, she's a toddler...can I please just call her the baby? Anyway, she decided it was time to nurse. NOW!

She is the most distractable nurser on the planet so I got off the phone and spent some time snuggled up with her. Then we played some games and it was naptime!

I tried to eat breakfast in there somewhere. And I know I had my toast because I remember sharing bites with the boss. She's just too darn cute (and loud) to deny.

So, naptime...which also equals coffee time. Zoe is still very sensitive to caffeine so I have 3 small windows a day in which I can consume my daily cup. Just one cup, but 3 chances. And I had been mentally preparing this cup since I got in the car, talking myself out of going the long way home, just to hit a drive thru Starbucks.

Coffee brewed, cup in hand I stole a few minutes to watch the first half of my new favorite show. As soon as I finished my cup I whipped up a batch of lemon muffins from a tasty looking recipe and I put some eggs on to boil. Yay! putting a dent in my list!

The muffins were horrible. I'm not even sure the glaze on top saves them. Sad day. The eggs are ok, I think.

I had some lunch before being summoned by the princess.

And here is where everything goes haywire.

Apparently Zoe is part simian because she now climbs. Today it was the couch and I couldn't stop her or leave her side because climbing up was way more fun when it included running across, with no regard for edges or calamity! I tried to start dinner, and somehow did get it made...but there was a lot of whining, holding, snacking, and diapering in the mix.

And then Daddy was home and it was bedtime.

There is a good chunk of hours in there that just sort of happened. In a blur they went by with new discoveries, lots of excitement, and no real accomplishments.

Most days the pile of half finished laundry, gross muffins, and things not crossed off the list really bums me out. It's easy to look at today's failures and set up camp there...but today I can rest in the knowledge that I handled the important things.

And it's going to be enough.
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