I keep staring at this screen, starting a post, backspacing.

Coming up with something interesting to say for 10 days straight I hard! Some days, like today, my brain simply shuts off as soon as the last kid has run out of reasons to prolong going to bed. Those days I sit on the couch and watch some truly mindless tv. The computer is too much effort. The toys stay where ever they landed. And I just sit.

Tonight was one of those nights. The day was wonderful and filled with special moments like a visit with a new friend and her sweet baby, but after adding in a new sport and some frantic running from point a to point b, I was spent.

I had a terse conversation that turned into a beautiful, but emotionally exhausting one, with my daughter *and* my husband.

So I have just been sitting.

Everything I think to write about seems forced, because the only real thing I can think of, is how desperately I want a pedicure.

I tried to write about the beautiful truths I found in Proverbs today...but they just sounded flat.

I could try and pick up on the Joy Dare again...but I kind of got lost there. I often felt like I was just not connecting to the questions...and that's ok.

So tonight I will just leave you with this simple truth...No matter how hard and exhausting life gets, I am grateful everyday that I have been given the chance to live it. Especially the life God has blessed me with.
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