It seems silly to be so excited and feel so... accomplished? for doing something as simple as ordering some inexpensive glasses...but tonight when I hit "Submit" on the order page I was positively giddy.

Today, in the midst of our daily chaos and with far too many things on my plate, I actually took the time to go and get the eye exam i have needed forever.

Then, when I realized I had no coverage to actually purchase glasses I went home and looked up a discount eyeglass site that I have heard good things about...and I actually ordered glasses. For me.

I have a bad habit, that is all too common in moms...or even just in women. I notoriously put off things for me, to do for my family. Which is noble, except when it is detrimental.

It's good to stay up late getting laundry done. It's bad to sacrifice vision because you never make the time.

So today, making the time, spending the money...they reminded me that I matter and that I am important...that is a good thing
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