Sometimes I look at my life and can not believe that this is the life God planned for me. That He looked at me and decided He was going to just start pouring ridiculous blessings on this average girl from the valley of Southern California. That He had these great big plans for my life and that they would all be wrapped in this veil of ordinary and everyday.

Wife, Stay at Home Mom, Five Kids, little rented house, minivan...doesn't sound like much...but it exceeds my dreams every day.

Today was a very average day, but so special. Today my husband got up, took the kids to school, and worked his job. He took our oldest to biblestudy and entertained himself waiting for our young man to be finished.

All this on his birthday.

No elaborate dinners, just an average day.

And I walked away from it feeling blessed. Grateful that this man was the man God choose for me, when we were just kids ourselves. Today I am thankful that he was born, because that means I get to be his wife and love him on many more birthdays.

Happy Birthday Steven, I hope you know that this day is a gift for me. <3
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