The words won't come easy tonight. Words to mark an amazingly simple day, a day filled with what a lot of other days look like. Errands, meals, kids, diapers, laughing, laundry, yawning... a lot of my regular everydays.

Yet, today is so huge. Huge and overwhelming and amazing and precious.

Tonight I will crawl in bed, exhausted, next to my very best friend who I have been so blessed to share the last 20 years with.

It hardly seems possible that the two children who walked down that aisle so many years ago are the same people raising babies, paying bills, and laughing so hard everyday. I can't believe we have spent more than half my life married.

In many ways it seems like just yesterday we made our vows before God and our family and friends...and in others I can see the lifetime we lived.

Through apartments, houses, the birth of five beautiful children, the death of one of those children, the loss of two of our parents, the joyous friendships we've made, the painful partings with some of those same friends. The mentorship of some amazing families, the learning to stand without them... twenty years takes kids to adult and yet leaves me feeling like I still have so much growth left to do.

To celebrate my wonderful husband wrote an amazing blog that he shared along with fabulous photos that we had taken by Stacee Lianna. I can't say anything better than he did.
2 Responses
  1. Kelly Says:

    Congratulations, Alexis! Twenty years is a long time - you're such an inspiration!

  2. Anonymous Says:

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