When this verse came up on the screen in church Sunday morning two things happened simultaneously...My husband turned to me and said "You need to print that on an index card and tape it to your dashboard or something", and I started to sweat.

Truth be told, I wrote the verse address down (Isaiah 43:18-19) without even fully registering what was happening.

There have been seasons in my life, events where someone is speaking and I know it is a message meant for me. These words ignited something in me and I spent the next twenty minutes taking notes and waiting for the visiting preacher to invite people to pray...afraid I might leap out of my seat and rush the stage uninvited.

Not 18 hours after I wrote my last post, here was a message about destiny, purpose, mandates and assignments. Being not just willing but excited. Knowing that the mundane and ordinary moments are just as, if not more, important than the highlights.

I'm excited.

I'm dreaming.

God is preparing me for something. It might be more laundry, more hours toting kids, more time spent supporting some people I love who are fully walking in their dreams. It might have more frustration...and more waiting. It might still be winter...but my spring is coming and I will get to be used by Him to do something new...because it's already begun.
2 Responses
  1. SOUL Says:

    Trust me... God is using you right now. Thank you.

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