I've been kicking around several ideas. A lot to post about. But I have been, well, exhausted.

I am equally exhausted today. I have been in a phase of some very difficult parenting. I've come to the conclusion that I have imparted a very important lesson to my children that has come to bite me in the fanny.

I know compliant kids. I know kids that know that when the parents get "that tone" they better obey or change their names. My kids...well...they aren't those kids.

My kids are painfully aware that their opinions on life and justice matter to me. Painfully. I am rarely left to wonder what they think of a particular chore or request. Seldom is their plan unknown to me. Or their reasoning.

In an effort to mold them into confident and assertive future grown-ups, I have molded confident and assertive kids.
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2 Responses
  1. Krista Says:

    I LOVE the way you have worded this post. At risk of sounding cliche, "been there, done that".
    I feel your pain. ;)

  2. Cassi Says:

    I know you... I love you ... I LOVE your kids... assertive and all... but yes - there times that BECAUSE I SAID SO should be enough... I always thought that I would never parent that way because I hated when my mom did it... but I find that God sometimes has to deal with us that way and if my kids can't just take what I said as the end of conversation - someone they know and trust - someone they can see and touch - someone who can give out an immediate consequence - how will they ever be able to take a direct command from God - someone they can't see or touch or whose consequences don't always come immediately - simply because HE said so...