At 11:42 pm last night, in the parking lot of in n out, while I was munching on the last of the fries I managed not to drop on the floor, my friend informs me of the multiple ways I can cheat the time on my blog and thus still make my midnight deadline.

I decided to just stick with the truth and let Blogtober suffer. That's two down. Whoops.

I am so excited to, once again, be in the midst of a potentially, if I let it be, life changing Beth Moore biblestudy. Having my faith stretched, pulled, and reshaped everyday.

I feel like, as so often is the case in my spiritual life, that this study comes at the hight of a realization God has been speaking to me for over a year. I know God and I love Him. I trust Him and know He is powerful but I have no idea how limitless and creative He is. How He can choose to work in me if I am fully open to His creative hand.

At the same time I am reading another book, fiction of all things, but based on a true encounter with God that defines the deity and humanness of Jesus in such a simple yet overwhelming way.

When Jesus walked on earth he was fully human. Fully. All of the miraculous power He displayed was not a mark of his Godness but of His communion with God. That He walked so close and so personally and so in tune with God that power flowed through him like an open sea. He was so fully available he heard every whisper and grasped every inkling of God's will and desire.

He trusted God so fully and so desperately desired to share Him with all that is own suffering and pain were of little concern. He embraced the torture of the cross with eyes wide open, giving a great gift to all mankind.

It stuns me to look at Jesus this way. Stuns me because I know that is all available for me too. That I could know Him like that. that I could stand so fully confident that I would be able to turn water into wine if that is what God needed of me. That I could be so fully in tune with God that His power could dwell so fully in me that a mere touch would bring out the healing power of the creator of the universe.

I am tearing down the boxes I have tried to put God in...even the ones that I thought were too vast to limit Him.
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  1. When you are done with the fiction book we will have to discuss...

  2. Cassi Says:

    I wish I could find my workbook... :-(