Tomorrow my children will attend their first real funeral. The funeral of a wonderful woman that I am so sad to see leave this earth but for whose transition into heaven I envy.

I first met Belia, a little over 14 years ago. The mother of a new friend. I had no idea that she would become such an inspiration and support.

Through my friendship with both of her daughters, I was included in several family functions and celebrations. Always loud and boisterous affairs with kids running about I often felt like I was in another world, it was so unlike my childhood or family gatherings. There was a deep love that ran throughout every relationship and it brought something alive in me I hadn't ever known.

My relationship with this special family began at the beginning of my own marriage. The start of my own family.

As I grew to know Belia, and her children, and grand children God birthed a desire in me for events like these. For houses so full of people, and laughter, and joy that it feels like a Christmas movie. I looked at Belia as this great matriarch and thought "I want that." To have my children and grandchildren surround me. To be able to share my relationship with the Lord with each one. To raise children who invite their friends into their family.

It is in no small part, due to these relationships, that my husband and I chose to go beyond the typical two child family. I want my adult children to have a huge family to draw support and love from even after I am gone. I want them to have what I didn't have as an only child.

So tomorrow I will weep with a family I am so enamored of, for their great loss, and mine. I will also rejoice that she is with Jesus and my little Eden.
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3 Responses
  1. Nicky Says:

    Please extend my sympathies to Stephanie & her family. =(

  2. Cassi Says:

    sounds like a great lady... I am sure she will be not only missed but greeted with open arms!!!

  3. singerstef Says:

    Oh Alexis. You don't know how tickled my Mom would be to know she had a part in making you feel that way. After her love for the Lord, family was everything to her. She believed that you just extend out the poles of your tent to make room for more, not close the door when it got crowded. She loved you (and YOUR little ones) and admired the woman and mother that she saw you become. I'm so glad you knew her, and that she had a part in your lives. Your words are a comfort. Thank you my friend. :-)