I wasn't going to write a "Post Election "post. I just kind of wanted to let the day pass and be grateful the election was over and mourn the choices that we made as a country... but I have been reading the post election blogs and now I can't seem to keep myself silent.

I voted for McCain. I really truly think Obama is not the best choice for our country. I can't say I was head over heals for the republican ticket, I had questions there too...but Obama inspires something like dread in my spirit.

That said, Barak Obama is now the president elect of, what I believe to be, one of the greatest nations on earth.

I now have a responsibility to not only grudgingly accept his position, but to support him with prayer and action where I can.

I can not claim to know what his standing is with God, but I can pray every single day that he will come to know Jesus in a new, amazing, and intimate way. That he will lead the country with strength, dignity, and morality.

I would love to see President Elect Obama become a leader I am proud of. To see him become more than I ever imagined he could or would be when I inked my ballot yesterday.

I refuse to accept yesterday as the end of everything. I refuse to give over my country to fear and defeat.

Just this once, I am going to hope and pray to be proven wrong in what I believed yesterday.
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  1. Miss Candice Says:

    I completely agree. I was scared... but now I am going to hang onto the hope.

    There is one promise I hope Obama doesn't follow through with, though... I hope that he will ultimately decide to respect and protect the lives of the unborn.