With my desktop dying, and my life taking a sudden turn over the last week Blogtober got left in the dust. I want to try again but no months work well with Blog in the Name, except maybe Bloguary... so I think I'll try again then.

I was most looking forward to posting a little bit about my banners on the 31st... but what's to say today isn't good enough?

September 29th:Those beautiful fall leaves were actually shot last January, in the mountains of Big Bear.

September 30th: Body wash and dishsoap acquired for about $3.00.

October 1st: A nice shot of a carafe of Espresso and my half finished cup of Iced White Chocolate Mocha. This is quickly becoming a Wednesday Night tradition... not only is it super yummy, it reminds me to pray for, and thank God for my good friend Sarah off following God wherever He may lead her. I am slightly jealous of her adventure, and highly honored to be able to be someone with whom she shares this part of her life.

October 2nd: I have this dream that I will get a tattoo to commemorate Eden's life and her great blessing to me. It would feel amazing to have something so permanent and visible, for a baby that few got to hold and meet, and who's time on this earth was barely a whisper. While I play with the idea I hennaed it. I loved that tattoo. It made me feel connected to my daughter in a new and unique way. So on a day where I wrote about birth I chose a picture that celebrated Eden.

October 3rd: My eyes, the windows to my soul. I have changed a lot over the last few years and I can see it most clearly in my eyes.

October 4th:The funniest part of this photo and blog are that they were posted within about two hours of discovering I was pregnant yet again. The photo is My husband's fajitas plate from our family lunch that afternoon.

October 5th: In realizing so many of my relationships are changing and evolving to the point of extinction, it becomes ever more obvious that God did something amazing when He put my husband and I together. So the photo of our feet on the green grass of Dodger Stadium just seemed obvious.

October 6th: The streetlights just around the corner from the awesome home in which I am blessed to be with my kids, all day. everyday.

October 7th: My daughter's beaded string things, made for my friends before a girls' night.

October 8th: Tis is an amazing tray of cookies from our annual women's retreat and while I can't get into why this was the shot of the was perfect.

October 9th: This locket was $5.60 and one of my most treasured possessions because inside are the photos of all four of my wonderful kids. It hangs near my heart an my daughter likes to put kisses inside. I also put cherished memories of nights filled with laughter inside.

October 10th: On the eve of her 8th birthday I could look into those eyes and see a depth uncommon for girls her age.

October 11th: Too Busy celebrating!

October 12th: Ice cream for breakfast.

October 13th: I wanted to put a picture of my sweet eden here, but I never took any. Every photo of her that exists was taken by someone else... so I opted for the surprise flowers left on my doorstep.

October 14th: Candles and flowers we keep to remember our daughter

October15th: On a warn autumn day i think of the beach, where Eden's ashes were scattered and here is a photo of the shore.

October 16th: The great big crash...

October 17th: I try to press on with a picture of my youngest son and the computer he has that works better than mine.

October 20th: I struggle to write the words, my youngest writes on himself.

October 21st: A boy and his math.
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  1. Krista Says:

    Blaugust/Blogust sounds good. But August is still a long way off. ;)